Ambitious house, garden and pet sitters since 2006

Professional and conscientious pet care around-the-clock even with pets of a difficult temper.

Responsible, consensus, trustworthy and cautious with your property and belongings.

Experienced in dealing with a lot of different systems, situations and locations.

Managing your business in a trustworth and responsible way.

Free service for board and lodging and travel expenses.

Please feel free to contact people who already enjoyed our services.

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House and pet sitting – We look after your cats, dogs or horses during your vacations.

We are STEPHAN and VERENA, a reliable and trustworty German house and pet-sitting couple offering to take care of your pets, house and garden whilst you are away. We will feed your pets, walk the dogs, remove ticks and give lots of cuddles. Cats too! We will clean out the horses stables, water your plants, repair fences and liaise with your neighbours and friends.


We were both born in 1970 in the south of Germany getting to know each other at University. We both studied fine arts and found we work well together and have been together ever since. After studying we began to create art projects and exhibitions. Since then we have been freelance artists. We organize and perform large art events all over Europe in vacant, historical buildings using video, light, and sound installations, paintings and sculpture. We are highly organized and disciplined. Please visit our art-website where you can see for yourself the kind of creative people we are, enjoy!

Documentation of our art projects:

Living in the country

We both grew up in a rural area with animals, ducks, bunnies, horses and dogs all of which were treated as members of the family. Early on we developed a close relationship with nature and experienced dealing with pets and livestock. In 2006 we started a free pet care project, mostly because we like animals, but couldn't have a pet while creating our art projects and events in always different locations, so proper animal husbandry was not possible for us in such conditions.

Multiple skills for different requests

Since 2006 we have looked after dogs, cats, horses, birds, sheep, goats, llamas and iguanas in more than 20 different locations including Portugal, Spain, Holland and Germany. We have worked for periods varying from 14 days to 6 months in quite diverse households. Some of them were in the countryside, without neighbours but with alternate electricity and autonomous water supply. Some of them were villas on the isle of Mallorca with gardens and pools. It was always a joyful experience, whether tending a big pack of dogs, little puppies, ill or disabled animals, or running a guesthouse on an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with huge sub-tropical garden, preparing breakfast and entertaining the guests - the animals, owners and even guests and neighbours were very happy with our presence.
We have the skills and the knowledge gained from our vast experience to deal with any situation or event that comes our way and we love new challenges in new locations, we enjoy meeting people and learning their culture and customs. If we say ‘Yes!’ then we will give 100% in order to fulfil your needs and those of your property and livestock. Please feel free to contact clients who have already experienced our unique service.

The alternative choice to boarding kennels

We offer a great opportunity for your pets to stay in their own home instead of being sent to boarding kennels. We are experienced and knowledgeable in dealing with a wide variety of pets, have a lot of time only for them and are conscious of their need for a healthy diet, long walks, lots of cuddles, personal hygiene and some philosophically, late night talks by the fireside. We think you get the picture!

The first steps

Upon arrival at a new location we immediately get to know the dogs and cats by interacting with them and getting to know their personalities. Pets, with their brilliant 7th sense, will know that we are the new alpha leaders, their friends and the provider of food.

Cosy coexistence

We know how important it is to talk to the animals, animals do understand and appreciate company. We involve the animals in everyday occurrences such as cleaning the stables, gardening, grazing horses, reading a book or taking a siesta! There are any number of activities where life can be shared to create that important bond between animal and carer.

Emergencies or illness

It goes without saying that we will give your pets any medication that they may need. We have extensive knowledge of animal care and husbandry which is useful in the event of accident or illness. In events beyond our control and knowledge we will contact or visit the veterinary surgery you /the owner trusts. In serious cases we will contact you /the owner to discuss the situation and together develop a course of action to resolve the problem.


We will follow the feeding regime laid down by you, the owner. though sometimes for a healthier pet we may change some feeding habits or behaviour patterns. After a rainy walk we towel the doges, we pick out the horses hooves regularly and we free the pets from flees, ticks and other vermin. We clean out the stables every day renew the cat litter when it is necessary and keep feeding areas clean and tidy to avoid ill health and maintain ultimate well being.

Reliable people in a position of trust

Our art projects are held in significant historic buildings made available to us by the community. We are entrusted to create our exhibitions in these buildings using our creative talents thereby making that building, once again, a centre for the town, village or city. Great trust and responsibility is put upon us and so we know how to care for and maintain your property and animals in a thoughtful and trustworthy manner. Both of us are knowledgeable and handy about the house, very creative in finding solutions for unforeseen problems, trained through our art and creative work we have a way of getting things done regardless of location, situation or eventuality.
We are honest and always keep our word; we are acting not out of self profit but with respect for others ways, opinions and ideologies.
We are very self-assured, knowledgeable and not afraid to do things in a way we deem is for the best, in regard to our own experiences.
We respect your property and valuables with the utmost respect as if it were our own.
We will endeavour to maintain your property to the highest standards.
We will look after your belongings with respect and care for your pets and livestock with love, understanding and mutual bonding.


We endeavour to spend the greater part of our time on your property and leave it only for shopping, walking the dogs and/or in an emergency. We can be contacted any time, both day and night, to deal with any situation in your absence. Our presence on the property deters housebreakers and burglaries enabling you to have peace of mind whilst you are away.

Plants and gardening

In addition to our love of animals we like to live in harmony with nature and respect its strength and beauty. We enjoy being outdoors, eating fresh and healthy vegetables and fruit and are delighted in the esthetic look of a nice, sophisticated garden. We will nurture your plants and water them in the dry periods as well as harvest the fruits and vegetables before they rot. We can prune and cut trees and hedges when necessary. Greenhouse, garden beds, lawns, herb garden and forestry any living plant life that needs caring and nurturing is safe in our hands.

Expert skills in repairing and maintaining

We have experience with a lot of different sorts of buildings maintenance and repair. Our skills have been honed from years of improving and upgrading the buildings and areas we have lived in while creating our events and exhibitions across Europe. We learned a lot from the many house sitting jobs we have been commissioned to work and live in from Mallorca to the woods of Alentejo, pool cleaning, maintaining solar electricity systems even water supply from wells. Small reparations in or around the house can be easily done and deficiencies in running systems can be remedied.

Peace of mind for you and your property in your absence

While you are enjoying your holidays or other activities, we will empty your letterbox, do the shopping, water your plants, clean and air the house. We will liaise with your neighbours if required and attend to anything arranged with you beforehand. All aspects of your daily life and your property will be cared for to the highest of standards, rest assured.

Running a guesthouse

Whether you are renting out apartments or running any other kind of tourist business we are very good hosts. We are interested in people and like to look behind the scenes and learn about events, customs, history and the culture of the area. As a result we are able to explain to guests and visitors what is happening in the locality, how things work and what is available. We can welcome your guests, show them to their rooms, explain cultural events and make them feel comfortable, familiar and at home on your property.


Our pet sitter service is free but it would be nice if you could reimburse our travel expenses and the cost of any everyday items we may need to buy during our stay on your property. We earn our money by creating art exhibitions and selling our paintings.
With the pet sitter service we want to make it possible for owners to leave their home safe in the knowledge that their animals, property and business are being taken care of. We use this time to recharge our batteries following an art event. Our philosophy is to help humans and animals to experience a bigger picture and for ourselves to garner new ideas and receive inspiration for our art and our life.
We are very good at organizing and thinking in a sustainable way. We search out the cheapest flights and connections. Our service is free but we take our work very seriously and during our stay our concern is only for your pets, your property and belongings. Rest assured you are in safe hands.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you in the future.

Kind regards,
Stephan and Verena


Rosenweg 6,
D-76307 Karlsbad
mobile: 0049 - 162 - 65 20 20 7

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