The daily work of ThePetsitters 2013 HD 17min

Documentation of the way of dealing with different kinds of animals like dogs, cats, iguanas, horses and a lot of birds.


ThePetsitters in Galicia 2014 HD 11min

Documentation of the work on an eco farm with jam producing, bread baking, apartment rental and volentary workers.


Quinta das Noras 2006, Algarve/Portugal

10 days on big Quinta directly in front of the main beach with 2 dogs and 2 cats

Casa Catarina 2006, Alentejo/Portugal

3 weeks in the middle of nowhere with 6 dogs, 3 cats, 9 chickens, 2 ducks and 2 geese

Dobermann Louis 2006, Algarve/Portugal

4 weeks with a lovely dog from the seaside to the mountains

Casa dos Passaros, Algarve/Portugal

3 weeks in an english Villa with a Rodesian Ridgeback

the Netherlands 2007 with Eron & George

8 weeks with two sensible and active dogs and 3 fishes

Bavaria 2007 with Gismo

3 weeks in the wintertime with a self-willed Rottweiler

Finca Marilinda 2010, Mallorca/Spain

5 weeks on a beautiful island with 13 cats, 2 horses and 5 dogs

Corticho Nicolas 2010, Andalusia/Spain

2 weeks on a huge olive plantation farm house with 5 cats and 7 dogs

Guesthouse 2010/11, Azores/Portugal

For half a year we ran substitutionaly a guesthouse, looked for the guests, the rooms, the big subtropical garden and a dog, 7 cats and a lot of chickens.

little horse Farm 2012, Eifel/Germany

one week on the farm of the european champion of fjord horses, 2friends, 4 goats, 3 llamas, and 2 dogs

Casa las Alas 2012, Andalusia/Spain

surrounded by plantations of avocado, in the middle of nowhere with 18 dogs, 2 bunnies and 2 free goats and 2 horses

Roland&Andrea 2012, Andalusia/Spain

3 weeks in the mountains of Axarquia with 8 dogs, 2 iguanas, 1 sheep, 2 cats, 2 horses, 2 peroquets, and a lot of birds

Indiana and ThePetsitters 2012, Andalusia/Spain

2 weeks in the heat of andalusia with a lot of puppies, more than 18 dogs and the most freely horse of the world...

Summer in the north 2012, Nordfriesland/Germany

1 dog, 4 cats and a very week cat in a nice, big farm house with thatched roof

House and pet sitting – We look for your cats, dogs or horses during your vacations.

We are STEPHAN and VERENA, a reliable and trustworthy German house and pet sitter-couple taking care of your pets, house and garden when your on holidays. We take the dogs out, free them from ticks, cuddle your cats, clean out the stables of the horses, water your plants, repair the fences and talk to your neighbors while you are away.


We were both born in 1970 and got to know each other at University while painting together on one picture. After studying we began to do art-projects and exhibitions. Since then we are freelanced and live on our art, organising and performing big art events in historical, empty standing buildings with video-, light, and soundinstallations and paintings all over europe.
For documentation of our art-projects:

Living on a farm

We grew up both in a rural area with animals. Ducks, bunnies, horses and dogs were treated as members of the family, so we developed very early a close relationship to nature and the experience in dealing with pets. Because it was not possible for us to have an animal while doing our art-projects at always different places, we began in 2006 to petsit between the exhibitions.